Susan G. Lawson

Senior Counsel, DD West LLP

Susan’s legal experience began with corporate commercial litigation and expanded to in-house corporate commercial work with a major Canadian oil company where, as Associate General Counsel, she managed all legal aspects of supporting the supply chain for construction and operational work including drilling, engineering, construction, intellectual property and innovating to create internal legal processes to support complex industrial development and expansion projects.

Susan is a Senior Counsel at DD West LLP and leverages her in-house and federal government experience to provide clients with a close analysis of the legal challenges they face whether they be corporate commercial transactions, preserving rights, including intellectual property, operations or
litigation where she applies her negotiation skills and business acumen to represent clients’ interests before the courts.

Susan holds a Bachelor of Arts, Honours degree from Queen’s University where she majored in Political Studies before obtaining both her Common Law and Civil Law degrees, with distinction, from McGill University. Susan’s deep interest in the law lead her to pursue and obtain her Master of Law from the University of Calgary, with a focus on water law.