Christine Holmes

CEO & Founder,

Christine is the CEO and Founder of (“LIHDC”), a full-service, virtual law firm comprised of former in-house counsel. Having served as in-hosue counsel to national and global companies, LIHDC speaks the language of business and understands the critical factors that keep General Counsel up at night. Delivering astute, business-minded solutions that exist in an operational context, not a legal vacuum, LIHDC’s approach transforms legal services from a cost centre to a value centre.  Christine founded to be the change she wanted to see in the legal world, a rethinking of the way law firms are structured and how lawyers work.  LIHDC defines success, not by address, office size or billable hours, but as the ability to assist in-house departments in achieving their goals.  LIHDC is committed to increasing diversity and inclusion in the legal industry by creating an alternative way for lawyers to practice law and by providing accessible legal services to traditionally under-serviced members of the community. Prior to founding LIHDC, Christine held in-house positions at Cineplex Entertainment and PepsiCo.